EOSC-hub: 2 webinars

Dove e quando


EOSC-hub will hold two webinars this July 2019:

The first webinar is entitled  “An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management System” and will be held on 23 July from 11am to 12:30pm. The webinar will introduce participants to the Service Management System developed by EOSC-hub for the European Open Science Cloud,  with a particular focus on the Service Portfolio Management as a key and highly strategic process. The structure of the EOSC service portfolios will be also presented. This management system is based on the FitSM standard for IT Service Management.

Who should attend: technical architects from research infrastructures and projects, current and interested service providers and research infrastructure managers.

More information and registration.

The second webinar is entitled “An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture” and will be held on 24 July from 11am to 12:30pm. This webinar focus on describing the reference technical architecture for the European Open Science Cloud proposed by EOSC-hub. The proposed architecture is based on the concepts of service composability and interoperability.

Who should attend: service providers, users, members of other EOSC implementation projects including EOSC cluster projects, members of EOSC working groups, European and national e-infrastructures, European and national research infrastructures.

More information and registration.



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