Services To Support FAIR Data: 3 Workshops

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2019-04-12 | Prague; Vienna; Porto

OpenAIRE, RDA Europe, FAIRsFAIR and EOSC-hub are happy to announce a series of three workshops, two in April and one in September, called ‘Services to Support FAIR Data’.

The purpose of this workshop series is to explore how existing infrastructures can work together and understand how to deliver services that support the creation of FAIR research outputs. The three half-day events will be a chance to engage experts and audiences on how to turn FAIR data into reality.

Themes explored will be:

  • what are the priorities that we need to work towards to support the production of FAIR research outputs?
  • what services currently exist that provide FAIR outputs and what are their experiences?
  • present use cases for supporting FAIR research outputs
  • what are the priorities for any future service certification process?

Workshop 1: 12 April 2019, Prague

Target audience: service providers and research infrastructures

Workshop 2: 24 April 2019, Vienna
Target audience: research support staff&nbsp

Workshop 3: 17 September 2019, Porto

Target audience: users and service providers

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